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Las Vegas police release screenshot of taxicab robbery suspects taken from security camera

This blog has reported on the risk that cab drivers face when they work late shifts. Because of this, companies may want to invest in taxicab security cameras, which can help protect drivers from compromising situations, such as a robberies. One example of this happened in late October in Las Vegas, reports My News 3, the local NBC affiliate.

A taxicab driver picked up two individuals late at night on October 25. Upon arriving at their destination, one passenger allegedly placed a metal object against the back of the driver's neck and said he had a gun. He then demanded that the driver hand over his money. After the driver complied, both individuals fled the vehicle.

But, because the car had a taxicab security camera installed, authorities were able to release a screenshot from the surveillance video that shows the two suspects in full view. By implementing this technology, other fleet managers will be able to protect their drivers while also aiding with local officers' investigations.

Because the cab company had installed taxicab security cameras, police officers have a much better chance of finding the suspects than before. By investing in this technology, fleet managers can ensure that their drivers are protected and accounted for during late night and early morning shifts, which can be particularly risky.